Medieval Warrior

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"A Warrior'a soul belongs to his people, for his unique purpose is to protect his own"

Medieval Warrior is about a man who joins the army to protect his village. He must face his fears and remain focused to attain victory. With no more time for preparation, the warrior must move forward. Soon, the winner will chant with his men and the unique prize of pride will be their reward.

I dedicate this piece to those musicians who are struggling with fear. May you find the courage to conquer your personal mission and enjoy the realms of success. Long live the arts.


Medieval Warrior is part of the 3 Short Stories for String Orchestra.

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Difficulty: Grade 2  ASTA GRADING SYSTEM 


 Duration: 4 1/2 minutes 


Fastest Tempo : ♩ = 105


Fastest Figure: 16th note 


Meters: (4/4)


Key: B minor 

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  • Immediate access to the sheet music (Score and Parts in PDF) to print out.
  • Mp3 of the piece performed by my Cinematics Strings samples.
  • String Orchestra Music composed by a string teacher.
  • Plenty of space to write on score and parts. 
  • Engaging music for students and audiences. 
  • Effective bowings and fingerings.
  • Educational material to help your students level up. 
  • The rights to print the sheet music more than once.
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Medieval Warrior is copyrighted by the composer, César Aviles and published by Titoshack Publishers.

Medieval Warrior is registered with ASCAP.