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I first performed Siegfried's Idyll as an undergrad, and when I learned that Wagner wrote it for his wife after the birth of their son, I knew I'd do something similar when it was my turn.

In the same spirit, Mati is a lullaby for my firstborn Mateo. The piece took me a bit over a month to write and it resembles the tenderness and innocence of our young Mateo.

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What problem does this piece solve?


The piece is a good exercise for students to figure out what material they have at any given moment (foreground, middle-ground and background) and how it all fit together.



Program Function

Like Viejos Tiempos, Mati can serve as an overture or filling piece in a tonal concert.




More Info


Difficulty: Grade 4  ASTA GRADING SYSTEM 


Duration: 5 1/2 minutes


Violin III/Viola parts included (𝄞and 𝄡)


Fastest Tempo :♩= 55


Meters: (2/4)  (6/4)  (4/4) 


Key: A Major with few accidentals



What you get...


  • Immediate access to the sheet music (Score and Parts in PDF) to print out.
  • Mp3 of the piece performed by my Cinematics Strings samples.
  • String Orchestra Music composed by a string teacher.
  • Plenty of space to write on score and parts. 
  • Engaging music for students and audiences. 
  • Effective bowings and fingerings.
  • Educational material to help your students level up. 
  • The rights to print the sheet music more than once.
  • Unlimited support.
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Mati is copyrighted by the composer, César Aviles and published by Titoshack Publishers.

Mati is registered with ASCAP.