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The SOSMusic Scale Series! 


  • Designed to warm-up elementary and intermediate string orchestras. 

  • Great for improving intonation and getting students acquainted with tonality.

  • Provide engaging material that pleases the ear and improves musicianship.

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Viejos Tiempos is My BEST-SELLING Piece for String Orchestra.

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Viejos Tiempos YPO from Cesar Aviles on Vimeo.



  • Viejos Tiempos serves well as an overture or filling piece in a tonal concert.


  • It is Grade 2 according to the ASTA GRADING SYSTEM


  • The piece is approximately 6 minutes long.


  • Fastest Tempo:♩= 60


  • Meters: (2/4)  (3/4)  (4/4)


  • Key: D Major with few accidentals


  • Occasional use of ritardando, accelerando and fermata.


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