Third Position Studies Vol. I

I wrote this book for my students, who, like most kids, struggle to keep alert when it comes to etudes.

Third Position Studies, Vol. I focuses on providing the essential technical exercises while using a language students can immediately relate to; pop and film music

These 20 pieces will serve as a neat introduction to the third position by aiming to improve the student's ability to shift from the first to the third position with ease.

I hope this volume inspires you and your students to practice hard and keep leveling up






Included Downloads


  • PDF Accompaniment lead sheet (chords).

  • The Audio Accompaniment in Mp3 Format.

  • The audio performance (violin, piano) in MP3 format for reference.

  • A PDF with the same exercises without fingerings to practice your third position skills.

  • An exclusive e-mail list where I sent files, exercises, and 3rd position related material.



Preview: Third Position Studies for Violin, Vol. I (PDF)


Audio Sample



Who is this book for?


  • Open-minded violins teachers and students.

  • Film and pop music enthusiasts.

  • Violin students who want to learn the third position while learning fun pieces.

  • Violin teachers who'd like to try new styles and expand their teaching repertoire.

  • Violinists who want to experiment with a different system. 

  • Self-learning students of the violin. 





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