SOSMusic Scales Series!

I'm very happy with the overall interest in my SOSMusic Scales Series! (Warm-up Chorales).

If you haven't downloaded them yet, subscribe here to get them.

Please, please, please! Send me a short clip of your orchestra performing an excerpt or even the whole thing to share it on the blog with other colleagues.



My kids are working on the C major chorale, and I will record it and share it as well.

This year, we are also excited about learning Totality, a grade 3 piece with cool sound effects.

Like Richard Meyer's Rosin Eating Zombies, this piece has uncommon special effects that students just love.

We‘ve only had one rehearsal but I know we will have a wonderful time.


Alongside, we're working on Medieval Warrior to complete my 3 Short Stories for String Orchestra (we did Epic Angel last December).


With the bundle, I tried to write something different; I exchanged the program notes for a comic strip.


With pictures and no words, the music helps fill in the gaps; yet kids must come up with their own conclusion.


If you want to try something completely new, check it out.


I promise you lots of fun.

And please don‘t forget those clips 🙂


Constructive criticism is always welcome. I want to keep learning new ways to teach music by combining cool sounding pieces with educational material.




Cesar Aviles

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